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IcecropNow that a deep freeze has settled over many parts of the world, some daring souls choose to revel in the frigid temperatures by engaging in activities that are only possible in a cold climate.

Just outside of Luleå, one of the coldest places in Sweden, an Ice Orchestra performs every winter inside a concert hall made entirely of ice. Inside the frozen music palace, illuminated by eerie LED lights, the scene looks like a nightclub on Hoth or another frozen, alien world.

The group performs dozens of Ice Music concerts a year in Luleå and occasionally travels to other cities in cold climates. Their repertoire includes pop and world music, as well as renditions of works by classical composers, including Bach.

The instruments are exceedingly delicate, and just breathing on an instrument can make it go out of tune. Violins and violas, suspended from the ceiling so that a performer’s body heat doesn’t thaw them, can still be heard this year at Ice Music concerts from now through April.

Come spring, they will melt away.

Ice Music