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SonatacropYaron Zilberman (A Late Quartet) has signed on to write and direct an adaptation of Orson Scott Card‘s sci-fi short story Unaccompanied Sonata. Nominated for the Nebula Best Short Story in 1979 and Hugo Best Short Story in 1980, Unaccompanied Sonata‘s title will be shortened to Sonata for the feature film.

The story centers on a musical prodigy who is raised alone in an isolated location away from music of any kind in order to protect his compositional output from external influences. He eventually discovers Bach at age thirty, but then, when caught playing the older composer’s music by a “Watcher,” he is forbidden from ever making music again. The remainder of the story examines his attempts to repress his desire for musical expression.

Card was reluctant to option Unaccompanied Sonata, but according to Deadline, A Late Quartet convinced him that Zilberman was the perfect director for the material: “I hope I get to see the Zilberman version of Unaccompanied Sonata. It is my best story, in the hands of the only director I know of who could possibly make it live as a visual and musical experience.”

Zilberman is excited by the opportunity: “I have always loved this thrilling, poetic and thought-provoking sci-fi story. I’m eager to bring to life the fascinating maverick protagonist, as well as explore the unique sci-fi concepts central to the story.”