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Playing Johann Sebastian Joust

Playing Johann Sebastian Joust

The Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center [at the University of Maryland in College Park] is kicking off its season with four days of fun and frolic. The NextNOW Fest is asking its audiences to discover the next big thing in small, intimate and surprising environments: sonic massages, subway buskers, Terptastic jazz, deep theatre for short attention spans, dance mysteries, late-night art explosions, food frolics, an arts tailgate, and toast . . . and then something curious . . . and then . . .

On Thursday, 11 September 2014, between 7 and 10pm, everyone is invited to gather on the Front Plaza of “The Clarice” to play Johann Sebastian Joust. During the digital game, up to seven participants with motion controllers will compete to the sound of Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos (BWV 1046-51). When the music speeds up, things will get frantic! Go slow-mo, though, when the music is slow.

NextNOW will run Thursday through Sunday with a costume sale, a performing arts library sale and more. Most events are free. All events are freeing.

2014 NextNOW Fest